About the Ear

The ear consists of 3 parts: –


The Outer Ear

The “ear” (pinna) and “ear hole” (auditory canal) which guide and focus sound towards the ear drum.


The Middle Ear

The “ear drum” (tympanic membrane) and “hearing bones” (ossicles) which concentrate the sound waves towards the “hearing apparatus” of the inner ear.


The Inner Ear

The “hearing apparatus” (cochlea) and the “balance apparatus” (vestibule and semi-circular canals).

The “hearing apparatus” of the inner ear converts sound vibrations into the nerve signals of “hearing”.

The “balance apparatus” of the inner ear detects “up” & “down” (in the vestibule)

and head turn (in the semi-circular canals).



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Conditions of the Ear


Ear Wax

Too much ear wax can be a problem – your ears feel blocked and sounds are muffled – what can you do to keep it at bay?


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Ménière’s disease

Ménière’s disease (pronounced “many-ears”) is a rare problem of the inner ear.

It is a repeating problem of the inner ear in which there is a build-up of fluid in the membranes of the inner ear giving a feeling of pressure or fullness in the ears. These membranes then suddenly burst making you feel very dizzy.


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Ears ”Popping”

Do you experience problems with your ears whilst flying? Do they pop as the plane climbs or descends? To understand what is happening to you need to know about how the ears work. Let us explain. 


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Vestibular Paroxysmia 

This is a rare condition in which one of the arteries in the brain press on the nerve to the inner ear. 


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Vestibular Neuritis

Vestibular Neuritis is a common cause of severe prolonged dizziness due to injury of the inner ear. 


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Superior Canal Dehiscence 

This is a rare condition and one of a group of diseases caused by a ‘third mobile cavity’. It is caused by an abnormal connection between the inner ear and brain cavity. 



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Middle Ear Perilymph Fistula

Middle Ear Perilymph Fistula is a rare condition where there is a tear or hole in one or both of the small, thin membranes (the oval and the round windows) between the middle and inner ear resulting in a leak of perilymph into the middle ear.



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